Bennett fracture osteosynthesis

Bennett fracture osteosynthesis, 4 bennett e h on the fracture of the metacarpal bone of the thumb br medj 1886 2:2-13 5 breen t f, gelberman r, et al intra-articular fractures of the basilar joint of the thumb hand ciin 3988 4:491-501 6 oosterbos c j, deboer h non-operative treatment of bennett's fracture: a 13-year follow up.

Minimal invasive cannulated screw osteosynthesis of bennett’s fractures zentralbl chir fractures and dislocation of the base of the thumb metacarpal. Sports surgery – bennett’s fractures definition of bennett's fractures which will make it possible to position the two screws for osteosynthesis.  · bennett fractures are unstable because of the deforming forces of the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles the anterior oblique ligament stabilizes the volar-ulnar fragment, but the thenar muscles and abductor pollicis longus displace the remaining metacarpal in the proximal, dorsal, and radial directions. Osteosynthesis of bennett’s fracture dislocations can be performed by percutaneous fixation (bennani et al, 2012 greeven et al, 2012), open surgery (leclère et al, 2012 lutz et al, 2003) or under arthroscopy (culp and johnson, 2010 zemirline et al, 2014.

A53 different methods of osteosynthesis for bennett's fracture r pavic1 , m malovic1 1 university hospital of traumatology, zagreb, croatia purpose & aim: to determine if osteosynthetic material is a determining factor in the healing of a bennett's fracture. The use of the palmar approach, known as the moberg approach, for open reduction and osteosynthesis of bennett's fracture-dislocation has the disadvantage of.

How to treat bennett’s fracture dislocation osteosynthesis is a surgical procedure for treating fractures, in which they are reduced and fixed in a stable way. Bennett’s fracture journal 1885 by edward h bennett avulsion-fracture of volar, ulnar portion of m1 basis osteosynthesis. 1 ann chir main 19843(2):165-7 [bennett's fracture-luxation osteosynthesis by the dorsal approach] [article in french] cantero j the use of the palmar approach.

Operative treatment of bennett's fracture march 2013 · collegium antropologicum · impact factor: 061 we present 89 patients (average age 33 years) with bennett's fracture (two part fracture to the first metacarpal base. Operative treatment of bennett’s fracture with osteosynthesis of the metacarpal base the average age of the patient group at the time of injury was 33.

Bennett fracture osteosynthesis
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